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Vita Bella Massage

Combination of Therapeutic and Swedish massage techniques with varying pressure to relaxand smooth tired and sore muscles. Each therapy session is specifically designed for the individual needs of each client. Scented lotions are included in this session:

60 minutes: 70.00 /

90 minutes: 100.00 /

120 mintes: 130.00

LaStone Therapy

Heated basalt stones and chilled marble stones are used to massage the entire body with jojoba oil. The client is left feeling deeply relaxed and rejuvinated. (not suggested for people who are sensitive to heat or during any stage of pregnmancy)

90 minutes: 130.00 /

120 minutes: 160.00

Touch of LaStone

Vita Bella Massage with heated Basalt stones on neck and back.

65 minutes: 85.00 /

95 minutes: 115.00

Maternity Massage

(not recomended during first trimester)

Body Pillows are used to position the mother to be on her sides, and sitting up. Hips, shoulders, lowerback, feet and ankles are the main focus to relieve common aches and pains assosiated with pregnacy.

60 minutes: 75.00


Sea salt scubs gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells and surface impurities leaving the skin feeling moisturized and silky smooth. Soothing hot towels are used to remove product from the skin.

Back Only with massage: 15.00 /

Full Body with massage: 30.00 /

Full Body without massage: 50.00